Easy access to $1,888 event

Activity time: 2019-11-26 21:00:00 to 2020-2-26 20:59:59

Transaction validity: 60 days from the date of payment

Customer type: newly activated customer
Type of account: all accounts are available
Contents and distribution of awards:
1. Gold award: during the activity, customers who open an account and deposit $100 will get $30 free; $150 for initial deposit of $500; Up to $9,000 will be awarded
2. Product trading award: for commodities (precious metals, energy) traded on the platform, the customer will receive $8 for each transaction (closing position), and $2 for each transaction (closing position) for non-commodity (foreign exchange, stock index), with a maximum of $1888

(1) cash gift:
The payment will be released to the MT4 trading account of the customer upon receipt of the payment. After the gift is received, the customer can use it for the transaction, and the specified number of hands can be completed within the validity period of the transaction. The gift can be withdrawn after the expiration of the validity period. The specific distribution form of the gift is as follows:
Customers with a first deposit of $200 will receive a $60 bonus. If the initial deposit reaches $500, the customer can get a $150 bonus. Up to $9,000 will be awarded

(2) extra bonus:
During the activity, the customer will be given $8 for each transaction (closing the position) and $2 for each transaction of foreign exchange, stock index and foreign exchange (the number of transactions is round, if the number of transactions is less than one). The maximum amount of the gift will be $1888, and the extra gift will be given to the customer's account in the next working day.

For example: during the activity, miss zhang on June 15, to complete the first top-up $200, and trading (positions) 2.1 hand, crude oil trading (positions) GER30 3 hand, market (positions) foreign exchange 3 hand, according to the completed hand count, June 15, miss zhang will get $(2.1) hand by 8 + (3 + 3) x2 = $$28 a gift of gold (2.1 hand is rounded, 2 hand, the remaining 0.1 included in the May 16 deal hand number).

Reward conditions and restrictions:
1.The statistical time of the transaction number of the gift in this activity, that is, the gift will be valid within 60 days after the transaction validity period.
2.After the expiration of the validity period of the transaction, if the customer completes the specified number of transactions, he/she can withdraw the bonus. Any withdrawal or transfer (transferred to another trading platform account) before the end of the validity period of the transaction will be deemed as an automatic waiver of the gift. The system will deduct the gift from the balance of the account before the customer withdraws the money, and the activity cannot be re-participated during the activity.
3.If the customer fails to complete the required number of transactions after the expiration of the transaction term, the amount equivalent to the gift will be deducted from the balance. The customer should ensure that the available margin in the account is sufficient without a gift.

Other notes:
1.During the activity, each customer (same ID) can enjoy this special offer only once. The same new customer can not attend two account opening activities at the same time. If there are any other promotional activities during the same period, the other promotional terms and conditions of the other promotional activities shall prevail
2.Activities are calculated at GMT + 0,
3.The definition of the number of transactions: The total number of transactions of all products in the MT4 platform account during the validity period of the transaction, calculated by hand back and forth in accordance with each standard (the customer opens one position, then closes one position, then the whole transaction is counted back and forth in one hand)
4.In order to avoid such informal transactions as single brush, holding time to be greater than 180 seconds
5.The grant may be used to offset the negative balance of the transaction account, to make up the margin or other balances arising from the transaction
6.One payment per IP / per family / per person / per transaction account Kill.
7.Boman has the right to stop the customer's transaction and cancel the incentive if the customer's irregular transaction is found during the activity
8.Customers need to pay attention to the deposit and withdrawal instructions on the website. The company reserves the right to modify and update the relevant arrangements without prior notice
9.Boman is not responsible for any delay in data delivery, loss of data, data error, or unidentifiability caused by communication or technical problems, malfunctions, accidents or any other reason on the computer and / or network. The above activity records are subject to the system records
10. Boman and its employees are not allowed to attend Kill. Boman reserves the right of final interpretation of this clause and the right to modify or terminate this preference at any time without prior notice.